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Main page that’s the website for  you who enjoy the communing with wild nature. Thanks to my photography you can familiar with the beauty of the nature. You shall see how amazing and diverse is the world of our native’s wildlife. Look into the wolf’s eyes. Visit the roaring deers. Look how our winged and four- legged friends live.  These all wild animals are our near or further  neighbor. Welcome to the wild places in the forest.  Here you can visit wildlife reserve and national parks, discover magical and mysterious, a little bit scary places. Our lost Polish villages are still  interesting, here the time has stopped, like in the picture.  You will be longing for the old ages which never goes back.

It is my pleasure to welcome you (interested in nature’s world and nature photography) on my website.

Biebrzafototraper is for everyone (for wildlife photographer, for the naturalist- whom every natural world details are great importantant, for the traveler who discover new places, for the publisher who are looking for inspiration and interesting imagines to illustrated your editorial position, and for everyone who appreciate the world’s beauty)

Section of agro-tourism is the place where you can find the way to spend your holiday in unique and amazing place far away from the city in the middle of the Biebrza National Park. In the summer, or in the winter in the autumn or in spring our “Traper’s House” you are ever welcomed. Where the heart’s home is continuously beating.

Darek Karp- Photo trapper, or Biebrza’s IndianI want to invite you to the extraordinary journey. I greet from the land of wolf, deer, moose and crane.

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